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Experienced Laborer

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Job Type:

Full Time



About the Role

As an Experienced Concrete Laborer, you will play a crucial role in the execution of concrete construction projects. Leveraging your expertise, you will be responsible for various tasks related to concrete preparation, pouring, finishing, and overall site maintenance. This position requires a deep understanding of concrete construction processes, a high level of skill in concrete work, and the ability to mentor and guide less experienced team members.


1. Safety Precautions:

  • Prioritize safety and ensure that all team members follow safety protocols and guidelines.

  • Conduct safety briefings and always ensure that all personnel wear appropriate PPE.

  • Monitor job site conditions for safety hazards and address them promptly.

2. Tool and Equipment Operation:

  • Operate a variety of concrete tools and equipment, including concrete mixers, power trowels, bull floats, saws, and other specialized tools.

  • Conduct routine inspections of tools and equipment, reporting any issues to the supervisor.

3. Concrete Mixing and Placement:

  • Prepare concrete mixes according to specifications, ensuring the correct proportions of materials.

  • Oversee the placement and finishing of concrete, ensuring proper consolidation and surface quality.

  • Manage the work of entry laborers

4. Formwork and Rebar Handling:

  • Supervise the setup and alignment of formwork, making sure it meets design specifications.

  • Oversee the installation and securing of rebar, verifying that it is correctly placed.

5. Finishing and Texturing:

  • Perform finishing work on concrete surfaces using power trowels, hand trowels, and other tools to achieve specified textures and finishes.

  • Skillfully repair and patch concrete surfaces as needed.

6. Quality Control:

  • Inspect concrete work for quality, ensuring it meets design and engineering requirements.

  • Make adjustments as necessary to achieve desired results.

7. Concrete Cutting and Demolition:

  • Operate concrete saws and other cutting equipment to cut and remove sections of concrete as needed.

  • Ensure proper safety measures and dust control during cutting operations.

8. Leadership and Training:

  • Provide guidance and mentorship to entry-level laborers, helping them develop their skills.

  • Assist in training new team members on safe and efficient work practices.

9. Material Handling and Inventory:

  • Manage the inventory of construction materials and tools, ensuring they are properly stored and accounted for.

10. Cleanup and Site Maintenance:

  • Oversee site cleanup activities, ensuring that debris and waste materials are removed and disposed of properly.

  • Maintain a clean and organized work area.

  • Ensure water is available for all tools to be cleaned

11. Communication:

  • Maintain clear and open communication with supervisors, team members, and other trades involved in the project.

  • Report project progress, issues, and any changes in a timely manner.

About the Company

Empire Concrete Services embodies a harmonious blend of charisma and professionalism within the concrete construction realm. With over a decade of unwavering commitment to our craft, our team has garnered a reputation as industry pioneers. Our journey commenced with a vision to offer unparalleled concrete solutions, and today, we proudly stand as a testament to quality, precision, and magnetic appeal. Our seasoned experts have refined their expertise over the years, enabling us to deliver projects that consistently surpass expectations. At Empire Concrete Services, we don't just construct structures; we represent the pursuit of excellence where experience meets perfection.

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